Dr.Gurbakhsh Singh
Born in the village of , Gill , Distt. Ludhiana Punjab on September 15th 1927 . Studied Lyallpur and Khalsa College , Amritsar. Obtained PH. D. degree from Ohio State University U.S.A. in 1963 and served as a Professor and Dean at Punjab Agricultural Univercity Ludhiana.

List of Questions
Chapter 1

1. Who created God? Our religion may be pretty clear but how do we know that God really exists? How did God create this universe and from where did He bring the mat- ter? • Scientists have a theory that planets were created by an explosion in space. Humans and organisms were born from amino acids. I don't understand why other religions and even the Sikhs believe in God. What I mean is, "What is God? Is God a man, a woman, an animal, or what? How were any religions even started?" • When God made this world, why is there evil? God con- trols everything and people can't do anything then why do people lecture (preach) that we should try to improve our- selves? • Even if we try to do bad things why can't God stop us from doing it when everything is in His hands?

2. Even if there is God why should people worship Him?

3. God has no shape, form, or body. If nobody can describe God, how could the Gurus do that?

4. How did God create the first man, woman, or the first per- son?

Chapter 2

1. Sikhism, you said, is the faith of the modern age. How long would it take to be that from what it is now? If our re- ligion is so great, then why do people ask me, "What is

your religion?" and say, "I have never heard of that relig ion before.'.

2. In RehrasChaupai, it is said, "(God), protect me by your hand and destroy all my enemies." In Ardas, we pray for the welfare of whole humanity, "Sarbat Ka Bhala". Does the word Sarbat exclude our enemies?

3. In Chopai it says anyone who remembers God for a mo- ment will be saved from the noose of death. Then why have Sikh soldiers, who remembered God, died?

4. When we went to Gurdwaras in the cities, A and B (actual names withheld) they had Christmas decorations hung up. Why? Is it because Sikhs also have faith in Jesus? Why do Sikhs in some Gurdwaras celebrate New Year's Eve? It is related to the Christian calendar and not to the Sikh calendar, (Baisakhi).

5. Is it against our religion to have a drink of alcohol or is it bad only if you over drink and get drunk?

6. Do you think the Sikh religion has helped the world the way that Guru Nanak Dev Ji supposed it would?

7. What is the purpose of repeating Paath over and over again if you don't understand it? • Is Nam Simran (saying Waheguru repeatedly) more impor- tant than reading Gurbani? Which one is more useful in our life and why?

8. In some Gutkas, why are the Banis and Ardas longer than normal?

9. Is the dead body of a Sikh to be cremated or buried? What happens to it?

10. If we believe in reincarnation, were the Gurus reborn? How do we know people have a previous life form?

11. What is the Sikhs' version of Heaven and Hell?

12. if a person does something good or bad in this life, why does God waft to punish or reward him in his next life?

Chapter 3

1. Guru Gobind Singh gave one Amrit. Now, we have so many Amrits Akal Takhat Amrit, Sant Amrit, Jatha Amrit, etc. why is there such a conflict about what an Amritdhari should do or should not do? • Some say it is okay to eat meat while others say it is to- tally wrong. Some say all meats are okay except beef. • If a lady takes Amrit she must tie a turban. Why?

2. If a Sikh took Amrit and lied later, is he a Khalsa or not?

3. How are Amritdharis different from those Sikhs who live by Guru Granth Sahib, but do not wear the 5 symbols? How are they different from those people who serve hu- manity as a Khalsa is supposed to do? • Who is a better Sikh: he who is an Amritdhari, keeps 5 symbols and reads all Paath regularly, but does not live honestly; OR he who is not Amritshak, not wearing the 5 symbols, but lives a truthful life as a Sikh is supposed to live? • Why do people become Amritshak even though they know they are not going to go on the right path? I see people doing wrong things while they are Amritdhari Sikhs.

4. Why is a non Amritdhari considered inferior to an Am- ritdhari (not allowed to eat from the same plate) when you say that we are all equal?

5. Is it acceptable for a girl to shave her legs and underarms if she does not cut the hair on her head?

6. Why do we have to have long hair? My dad said, "When the Sikhs were living in the forests, they could not get their hair cut, but now you can do it." Why can't we?

7. How do we answer this question, "If you keep long hair, being God-given, why cut your nails which are also God- given?"

8. You told us that keeping uncut hair is an essential re- quirement for a Sikh. Then why do Sikhs advertise "Wanted a clean-shaven Sikh" in matrimonial columns?

9. What are the five symbols for?

10. Why is the Kara (bracelet) not of silver or gold?

11. If you do Amritshak, can ladies wear earrings, makeup, and other jewelry?

12. Can a person who is not an Amritdhari Sikh be as brave and true as an Amritdhari Sikh?

13. Should you put your kirpan over or under your shirt?

14. Do Sikhs celebrate Diwali? Is tying a "Rakhri" or "Rakhi" a Sikh ritual? Why or why not?

15. My mom says you should not wash your hair on Fridays. Why not?

16. Why do boys wear "pugree"? Why can't they keep their hair hanging down like English people? Also, male Sikhs tie turbans; why not female Sikhs?

17. You ask us (girls) to keep our heads fully covered with scarf, but why men don't cover their beards in the Gurd- waras? We cover our heads in Gurdwaras, I know it is out of re- spect. Is God not everywhere outside?

Chapter 4

1. Who made Guru Nanak Dev a Guru? Or how did Guru Nanak find out he was a Guru? Why does not someone like Guru Nanak come to earth in this time to stop wickedness, thefts, liars, etc.?

2. If the ten Gurus were supposed to lead us to a very happy life, why did they lead us through so much destruction and death?

3. Why did Guru Gobind Singh have more than one wife? How many marriages did Guru Gobind Singh have?

4. Who built the Golden Temple and when?

5. Where was the first Sikh temple built? And in North America?

6. Does it really matter whether the Sakhis are true or not? They teach us how to be good Sikhs which is what mat- ters.

7. Who made the Punjabi writings first?

& Are the pictures of the Gurus real? If not, then why do we hang them? If the Guru let somebody paint a picture of him, are you allowed to bow or to pray to it? Is it considered all right to have the pictures of Gurus if you don't worship them?

9. Can we make movies with the Gurus as actors as Hindus do with gods?

Chapter 5

1. Why do we have to take off our shoes when we go into Baba ji's room or Gurdwara when Christians don't, even though they too have their holy Bible placed in their church?

2. Why do we keep a money box before the Guru Granth Sa- hib? Is God greedy? Where does that money go?

3. Why do men and women sit separately? Why is the stage always on the right side (the side of the men)? Why do we sit on the floor? It is hard for the people with back pains. In the Gurdwara, why is it bad for a person to sit against the wall?

4. Why do we have to do Ardas? (At the end of the function, just read Gurbani in the holy book). Why do we stand up for performing Ardas?

5. Why isn't there a woman Granthi?

6. Why insist on suits for girls (no naked legs), when boys are allowed to wear shorts in the Gurdwara?

7. Why do we do matha tek (bow to touch the ground with our forehead) to the holy Sikh Bible (Guru Granth Sahib)? Is it not idol worship?

8. Why do we do Chaur on the Guru Granth Sahib? Why do we put the Granth Sahib on a bed? Why the Chanani or canopy?

9. What is the difference between getting a name picked by the Guru Granth Sahib and by your parents? Are there any advantages in either way?

10. Why do we give out 'Parshad'? I feel guilty when I don't take it, but I don't like it because of its sugar and oily con- tent

11. Why do we put kirpan in Karah Parshad? Why do we serve Parshad to Panj Pyaras first when all are equal? Why is a small pot of Parshad kept under the Guru Granth Sahib?

12. Does Langar always have to be Indian foods?

13. Those who serve Langar bend constantly. It is hard to do that They step on things, spilling food on the floor. Wouldn't it be easier to sit at tables?

14. When Sikhs are allowed to eat meat, why is it not served in Langar? Is it because we "feed" Langar to the Guru Granth Sahib. Are Sikhs supposed to be vegetarian or not? Is it men- tioned anywhere in the Guru Granth Sahib? Why do some Sikhs kill animals to eat them? Animals are things who deserve to live like us.

Chapter 6

1. Is it necessary to partake of Amrit? If we do not, who are we, Khalsa or what?

2. Is it necessary for a Sikh to take Amrit? If we don't take Amrit can we still be considered close to the Guru Ji?

3. What is the next step after you partake of Amrit? 4. I am very unsure of why growing hair is a must for a Sikh. Is there any special motive behind it or is it an order? • Is it a breach of faith to have short hair? • What part do the five Kakaars play in our life?

5 During social parties and celebrations, is drinking alcohol in small amounts allowed?

6. Can an Amritdhari (i) wear earrings, (ii) eat meat? Why don't we do the full Rehras at the Samelan (Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 1994 meet)?

7. "Reht pyari mujh ko, sikh pyara nah". What does it mean?

8. Guru Nanak said to the Brahman, "Will this thread make me a better person?" I ask now about the 5k's "Will they make me a better person?"

9. In which line in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is it written that we must wear six to seven yards of turban?

10. "A man with a bottle in hand might be better than another with a Bible in his hand" I express that inner sincerity is much more important than external hypocrisy.

11. How can you make someone who smokes and drinks to stop and take Amrit?

12. What do you mean by "Raj Karega Khalsa Aki Reheh Na Koi"? Who is going to do Raj?

13. Why do weapons play an important role in our religion? Is it not an act against peace? What does the Khanda mean?

Chapter 7

1. How did Guru Nanak manage to form the Sikh Religion when Islam was the top religion in the world at that time?

2. Is not Sikhism just another religion? Don't all religions preach the path to God? . Why did Guru Teg Bahadur sacrifice his life for the Hindus, when Sikhism does not encourage the practice of Hindu rituals?

3. How can I see any of the Gurus? How can the Gurus come down to meet us here?

4. I have heard and read there are other Masters/Gurus who can help us to reach Liberation/mukti. These people have experienced God and by following them, one may experience God, too. These people may be Sikhs (saints) or from other religions. Is this true? If so, are we as Sikhs allowed to follow these people?

5. Why do most temples celebrate only Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh's birthday and not of the rest of the Gurus. Are not they all equal?

6. We take out Parsad in the name of the Panj Pyaras. Similarly, why do we not take out Parshad in the name of the ten Gurus as well?

7. I have been an Amritdhari for the past 8 years, I do my Banis regularly, but the confusion I face is how am I going to be united with the Satguru?

8. What does Guru Granth Sahib tell about Yoga?

9. In Christianity they say Jesus Christ is the only savior. You say Guru Nanak is the only savior What is the difference?

Chapter 8

Question A: I have read the Christian Bible and have found that so many teachings of Jesus are similar to that in the Guru Granth Sahib. So, is Christianity a "partner" religion With Sikhism since both speak the same message? If so, why is there so much friction between our faiths?

Question B: An increasing number of Sikhs feel that Guru Nanak's teachings should be adopted as they deal with peace. Guru Gobind Singh has portrayed the teachings of violence and not peace. How are we to convince these Sikhs that there is no differ- ence in both the teachings?